The Best Board Management Software Programs

Photo Courtesy: courtneyk/iStock

Coordinating the efforts of board members and company leaders isn’t always simple. Fortunately, board management software programs can make the process easier. They provide access to a variety of organization and collaboration tools, making it easier to plan activities, handle decision-making responsibilities, and more.

As with most types of software, there’s a wide array of board management solutions available. If you need to find a suitable option and aren’t sure where to start, here’s a look at some of the best board management software programs on the market.

OnBoard Board Management

OnBoard is a secure, streamlined solution for managing board meetings effectively. The platform features a user-friendly design with highly intuitive tools. Plus, it supports real-time communication and collaboration, and it’s trusted by more than 5,000 organizations.

Data protection and compliance are also part of the equation, providing peace of mind. Additionally, you get the convenience of a companion mobile app, allowing board members and company leaders to remain connected, even when on the go.

Azeus Convene

With Azeus Convene, it’s easy to ensure that board meetings go off without a hitch. Whether you need to organize and distribute documents, generate actions, or collaborate in real time to prepare in advance, there are suitable tools available. It also features automation, allowing you to reduce your workload while streamlining workflows.

The company also has a variety of other solutions available that could provide value. For example, it has services designed for shareholder meetings and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, too.


BoardPro aims to make board management simpler through process streamlining and automation. It also has robust reporting capabilities, ensuring proper oversight and assisting with ongoing recordkeeping. You get secure file storage for added convenience, as well as the ability to create digital meeting agendas. Plus, the company is known for solid customer service, making this an excellent option for less tech-savvy boards.

As an added bonus, BoardPro comes with a 30-day free trial, and you don’t have to provide a credit card to get started. Since that’s the case, you can explore everything it has to offer without any financial risk.


With Boardable, you get a straightforward and scalable board management software program that makes staying connected a breeze. It’s a highly intuitive solution, and the company has reliable customer service options, so you don’t need a high degree of tech-savviness to use the platform.

Plus, there are multiple plans available that allow companies of all sizes and in any industry to get what they need without paying for features they won’t use. Integrated video conferencing also means this option can serve as a remote meeting solution, adding to the overall convenience.


BoardPAC is a robust board management software solution that helps streamline processes while ensuring security. The platform is highly intuitive, so anyone can use it, even if they aren’t particularly tech-savvy. Plus, you reach customer service 24/7.

The platform supports document sharing, instant meetings, digital agendas, and surveys. Further, you can choose from an on-premises or cloud-hosted deployment, giving you ample flexibility.