Mobile App Analytics Software: The Tool You Need

Photo Courtesy: courtneyk/iStock

Today, many companies create mobile apps to support their customers or generate profits. In total, the global mobile application market is valued at $206.85 billion, and it’s predicted to grow significantly over the coming years. Some even expect that the value will cross the $1 trillion threshold by 2032. For companies looking to get a piece of that pie, mobile app analytics software is a critical part of the equation.

What Is Mobile App Analytics Software?

Mobile app analytics software is a collection of tools that allow companies to assess the functionality and operation of a mobile app. Additionally, mobile analytics solutions can monitor user behavior when they engage with the app’s various features.

From a marketing perspective, mobile app analytics can track the effectiveness of campaigns. For example, it can collect data on ad clicks, app installations, app purchases, in-app purchases, and more. Further, it can calculate the amount of time users spend within the app, as well as what triggers sessions to end, drop-offs, churn rates, and more.

How Can It Benefit Your Campaigns?

Mobile app analytics is beneficial for several reasons. First, the functionality and operational assessments can provide visibility into technical performance. For example, it can identify issues like bugs, crashes, or latency, creating opportunities for improvements and fixes. Since technical performance impacts the user experience, this provides substantial value.

Additionally, mobile app analytics can track how users engage with the app. With these tools, companies can collect actionable insights to determine areas for improvement, move users through various sales funnels more efficiently, and otherwise enhance profits.

For marketing campaigns, mobile app analytics can also provide value. It can determine whether an advertisement leads to downloads or in-app purchases. Similarly, it can track whether ads within apps are getting clicks, creating opportunities to optimize campaigns for better performances.

Assessing Mobile App Analytics Programs

If you want to add mobile app analytics to your tool set, finding the right program is essential. First, focus on usability, particularly if your company has limited access to technical professionals or marketing analysts. That ensures your business can secure enough value regardless of the users’ levels of tech-savviness.

Another critical feature is the tool set itself. The available features can vary, so it’s wise to look at the full list of provided tools to see if they align with your company’s needs. Some examples of handy tools include session recording, event capturing, funnel visualizations, and heat mapping.

Factoring in scalability is wise if your company is poised for significant growth. Similarly, focusing on mobile app analytics software that integrates with other solutions at your company is smart, as that streamlines operations.

Top Provider Options

As with many analytics-oriented solutions, there are many mobile app analytics providers on the market. Each one brings something unique to the table, which can make finding your ideal solution seem tricky.

By focusing on some of the top providers first, it’s simpler to narrow down your options while ensuring you get a comprehensive solution. Here is a list of some of the leading mobile app analytics software solutions:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Amplitude Analytics
  • CleverTap
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps
  • Mixpanel