Is It Time to Stop Building Man-Made Islands?

Photo Courtesy: Richard Schneider/Wikimedia Commons

There are currently over 7.5 billion people on Earth, and the number is only getting bigger. As big a planet as Earth is, our most densely populated areas have to prepare for an impending overpopulation crisis. One of the most common proposals to combat the threat is to create man-made islands, which are far more common than you think.

Humans have developed man-made islands for thousands of years, some tracing as far back as the Neolithic era to aid in farming efforts. Nowadays, we whip up these landmasses for airports, military bases or even luxury condos. But as cities get more overcrowded, sea levels rise and countries desire more land of their own, advocates for our ecological resources are raising red flags. It bears asking: Is it safe to keep building man-made islands?