The 5 Best Luxury African Safari Tours

Photo Courtesy: guenterguni/iStock

Every year, more than 30 million tourists visit Africa, with many of them choosing to go on safaris. A safari is a chance to experience Africa outside of the cities and resorts, and it often leads to opportunities to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

However, the quality of safaris can vary. If you’re looking for an exceptional experience, choosing luxury African safari tours is potentially best. Often, those have the best chance of meeting a traveler’s high expectations, offering more than you’d get elsewhere. If you’re looking for an ideal excursion, here’s a look at the five best luxury African safari tours.

Abercrombie & Kent

Abercrombie & Kent has safari tours that combine luxury and modern touches with authenticity. The company operates in several countries and offers different experiences based on your group composition and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious lodge for your accommodations or prefer a luxury camping experience, Abercrombie & Kent can make it happen. Plus, it’s a highly customer-centric company that’s also respectful of the environment and local cultures, providing exceptional service every step of the way.

Micato Safaris

Micato Safaris is known for balancing luxury and comfort with adventure, all while demonstrating clear respect for the landscape and wildlife. Every itinerary is carefully crafted to offer the best possible experience, and the staff is known to be both friendly and conscientious. The accommodations are luxurious, making them a perfect spot to relax after a day of exploration. Plus, the employees are highly knowledgeable about local wildlife, landscapes, and cultures and experienced enough to anticipate the needs of most guests, elevating the experience.

Extraordinary Journeys

Extraordinary Journeys offers personalized experiences, essentially bringing your vision to life. The team focuses on bringing together “comfort, adventure, and style,” creating safaris where visitors can “have it all.” Every trip is thoughtfully curated, making it easier to meet – if not exceed – expectations. Plus, the company can adjust itineraries to make them family-friendly experiences or focus on other priorities, such as high-luxury honeymoons.

Plus, Extraordinary Journeys doesn’t just operate in one part of Africa. Instead, you can choose from several destinations, allowing you to create a trip that aligns with your specific goals for the experience.

Dazzle Africa

Dazzle Africa doesn’t just offer fantastic safari tours; it also supports conservation, clean water projects, and local educational opportunities, enriching the area while providing exceptional experiences to visitors. Along with wildlife encounters, travelers get to go on cultural excursions, making these tours particularly enriching. Plus, the company goes the extra mile for guests, personalizing experiences and offering exceptional customer service. The dedication to authenticity and philanthropy elevates it all, making it a trip that guests won’t soon forget.


Jacada offers private safaris designed explicitly with your needs in mind. The company operates in several African countries, allowing you to choose a destination to see the natural features or wildlife that captivates you. Plus, there’s an emphasis on luxury, ensuring you’re well-supported whether you’re planning a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro or prefer a Big Five safari in South Africa. The accommodations are also exceptional, offering a mix of comfort and authenticity to ensure your experience is outstanding.