Top Time-Tracking Software Programs for Lawyers

Photo Courtesy: sturti/iStock

For lawyers, accurate time-tracking is crucial, as it ensures that clients are properly charged for any billable hours. Additionally, time-tracking software can help attorneys gain additional insights into how they’re spending their non-billable hours, making it easier to identify areas of improvement that can boost earnings. While tracking time manually is an option, choosing the right time-tracking software programs simplifies the process significantly.

With time-tracking software, lawyers can record their hours precisely with built-in tools. Along with ensuring accurate tracking, it’s easier to allocate which client owes for what time automatically, allowing attorneys to use built-in reporting features for accurate billing. If you’re looking for a suitable solution, here are the top time-tracking software programs for lawyers.


Toggl is a simple but robust time-tracking software solution. There are free and paid versions of Toggl, and even the free one is feature-rich enough to work for most lawyers who don’t need to have additional accounts for team members.

In Toggl, you can assign different colors to each client or project, adding a visual element that makes monitoring your time simpler. Plus, you can create notes and descriptions for additional details about the tasks handled and review a variety of reports to assist with accurate billing.

Another nice feature is the companion mobile app. With that, it’s possible to accurately track hours even when outside of the office or away from a computer, ensuring that all billable time is properly captured.


MyHours is another straightforward option with free and paid tiers, with the free option working for individual attorneys or smaller teams. Categorizing hours by creating associated projects is possible, and you can get reports to assist with billing or gather insight into how time is being spent.

There is a companion mobile app, which is helpful if you’re on the go. However, it’s not as feature-rich as some competitors’ mobile apps, so it’s best to test MyHours out using the free trial option to see if it will meet your needs.


Everhour is a robust option for time tracking, allowing you to separate out client-related time from other activities with ease. Plus, it has budgeting features and the ability to set multiple billing rates, which can simplify billing significantly.

Another standout feature of Everhour is the availability of integrations. Plus, the free plan supports up to five users, though it offers a somewhat limited feature set. Fortunately, the upgraded options are affordable, giving you access to invoicing, reminders, and more.


TimeAnalytics is a capable time-tracking software program for lawyers, offering features you’d expect like the ability to assign hours to specific clients. You can see logged time in a list or calendar format, too, which can be helpful for assessing productivity.

Adjustable rates are part of the program, which is helpful for billing. If you choose the higher-cost tier, you can also get profit reporting, invoicing, and email reminder features, too.


Amberlo is a more comprehensive solution that has time-tracking capabilities in its feature set. It also has tools for expense tracking, document management, billing, accounting, and much more. For single users, it’s also a free solution. If you choose to upgrade, you get additional features, such as calendar integration.

There is a companion mobile app, which is helpful if you’re away from your desk. However, it’s not as capable as the desktop version, so keep that in mind.