TEXES Teacher Certification: Everything You Need to Know

If you are interested in becoming a certified teacher in the state of Texas, you will need to pass the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TEXES) exam. The TEXES exam is a series of tests that assess your knowledge and skills in your desired teaching field. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the TEXES teacher certification.

What is TEXES Teacher Certification?

The TEXES Teacher Certification is a requirement for anyone who wants to teach in public schools in Texas. It is a series of exams that assesses the knowledge and skills of aspiring teachers. These exams cover various subjects such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and more.

How Do You Become TEXES Certified?

To become TEXES certified, you must first complete an approved educator preparation program (EPP). This program can be completed at any accredited college or university in Texas. Once you have completed your EPP, you can register for the appropriate TEXES exam(s) related to your teaching field.

It’s important to note that each exam has its own registration fee and test date. You can register for multiple exams at once or take them one-at-a-time depending on your preference and schedule.

What Should You Expect During The Exam?

The TEXES exams are computer-based tests that range from two to five hours long depending on the specific exam(s) taken. Each exam consists of multiple-choice questions with some including performance-based items as well.

It’s important to note that passing scores vary between each test with most requiring a score of at least 240 out of 300 possible points. If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, there are retake options available with additional fees.

Why is TEXES Teacher Certification Important?

TEXAS Teacher Certification is important because it ensures that teachers in the state of Texas have the necessary knowledge and skills to educate students effectively. This certification also provides a level of confidence to parents, students, and school administrators knowing that their teachers have met rigorous standards.

Additionally, it opens up more job opportunities for educators. Many schools in Texas require teachers to be TEXES certified before they can be hired. Therefore, it’s essential to attain this certification if you want to pursue a career in teaching in Texas.

In conclusion, obtaining a TEXES teacher certification is a crucial step towards becoming a successful educator in the state of Texas. It requires hard work and dedication but is well worth it for those who are passionate about teaching and shaping young minds.

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