Father of the Bride Speech Templates: How to Start, What to Say, and When to End

Being the father of the bride can be an emotional roller coaster ride. From seeing your little girl grow up to walking her down the aisle, it’s a moment that you will cherish forever. One of the most important aspects of your role is delivering a speech at her wedding reception. If you’re struggling with what to say or how to start, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful father of the bride speech templates that will guide you through every step.

Starting Your Speech

The opening of your speech should be light-hearted and engaging. Begin by thanking everyone for coming and acknowledging any special guests such as family or friends who have traveled far distances. You can also mention how beautiful your daughter looks in her wedding gown and how proud you are of her.

From there, transition into a brief story about your daughter growing up or how she met her spouse. This will help set the tone for your speech and make it more personal.

What to Say

After setting the stage for your speech, it’s time to dive into what you want to say. Start by expressing gratitude towards your daughter for all that she has brought into your life and how much she means to you and your family.

Share any memories or anecdotes that demonstrate her character and qualities that make her special. You can also talk about how she has grown as a person over time or share advice on marriage based on your own experience.

Remember to keep things light-hearted and avoid anything overly sentimental or emotional which could lead to tears – yours or others.

When to End

Knowing when to wrap up is just as important as knowing where to start. As much as everyone wants to hear more from you, keeping things brief is key so that other important moments during the reception aren’t overshadowed.

End on a high note by congratulating the newlyweds and wishing them a lifetime of happiness together. You can also thank everyone for coming once again before raising a toast to the happy couple.


With these helpful father of the bride speech templates, you’ll be able to create a heartfelt and memorable speech that your daughter, her spouse, and all the guests will cherish forever. Remember to stay calm, take your time, and speak from the heart. It’s not about being perfect but rather sharing your love and support for the newlyweds on their special day.

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