5 Best Online Teaching Software Programs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 1.6 billion children globally were impacted by school closures. As a means of keeping their education on track, many school districts turned to online teaching software programs to offer lessons remotely.

While school closures are no longer a broad concern, online teaching software programs continue to provide value. They can support remote learning beyond K-12 education, including collegiate-level courses, corporate training, community education, and more. Plus, they can make classes accessible to those without a suitable educational institution nearby. If you’re looking for a solid solution, here are five of the best online teaching software programs on the market.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online service offering that brings together a variety of tools that were selected with teaching in mind. Online file storage, document creation through Google Docs, lecture-publishing features, video chat polling, and an integrated calendar are all part of the package. There’s also a companion app for accessing the platform, recording videos, and more, all while on the go.

The key benefit of Google Classroom is that it’s a feature-rich solution. Many of the tools and integrations are free to use, too, making it affordable.

Kaltura Virtual

Kaltura Virtual is a user-friendly online teaching software program that’s highly customizable. Classrooms can feature company or school branding, aligning the presentation with the organization’s messaging. It also includes capabilities like digital whiteboards, on-screen quizzes, and live polling to boost engagement.

One benefit of this platform is that learners don’t have to download anything to participate. Instead, they can simply click a provided link and access the tools directly through an internet browser. Plus, it integrates with many Learning Management Systems (LMS), ensuring it connects to an existing LMS platform with ease.


Vedamo is a virtual classroom platform and LMS combined. Additionally, it’s designed explicitly for online tutoring. Tutors can create their own online academies featuring custom coursework and content designed specifically for their learners. Plus, they can conduct the sessions live online from practically any location with a suitable internet connection.

While it was designed with a focus on tutoring, the tools and platform can support a variety of organizations. There are options for K-12 schools, universities, and corporations, making it incredibly versatile.


LearnCube is a white-label option that is customizable, allowing you to add your school or business branding. No downloads are required for teachers or learners, and it provides access to top-notch tools, including interactive whiteboards, lesson material uploading, video recording, and more.

Along with a program designed for a small number of instructors, LearnCube offers an online school platform for institutions with more than 10 teachers. That version adds features commonly found in an LMS, as well as scheduling tools to coordinate live online course offerings.

Electa Live

Electa Live is a virtual classroom offering by Electa LMS. The platform is highly capable and includes features like interactive whiteboards, annotation tools, document sharing, screen sharing, and more options that support collaboration. There are also breakout rooms to divide a large number of learners into smaller groups for specific activities, as well as virtual hand-raising, which is helpful for keeping order during collaborative sessions.