5 Best Customer Onboarding Software Programs for SaaS

Customer onboarding ensures that consumers or clients can efficiently adopt your offerings, allowing them to see the value in what you sell. Plus, it creates a sense of support and guidance, which can also boost adoption. For many companies, using customer onboarding programs makes the process easier, particularly in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) segment.

As with many solutions, there’s a wide variety of customer onboarding solutions on the market. If you’re looking for your ideal option, here are five of the best customer onboarding software programs for SaaS.


Pendo boosts the quality of digital experiences to onboard customers effectively. It has an array of valuable features, including detailed analytics for process refinements that are largely unmatched in this solution segment. There are also guide templates to speed up journey creation, and it has tools that make supporting users over mobile devices simpler.

Another benefit of Pendo is that there’s a feature-limited free option available. With that, you can explore the platform without a financial commitment before deciding whether you need to shift to a paid version.


Userpilot is a code-free option that makes setting up personalized, adaptable customer experiences simple, even if you aren’t overly tech-savvy. You can curate different journeys for specific user segments, and it supports contextual journey development, ensuring information is presented at the best time.

With this SaaS customer onboarding software solution, you can also track success rates and identify pain points. That creates opportunities for further optimization, ensuring that future users can quickly see the value in a product.


Appcues focuses on accelerating the development of engaging customer onboarding experiences and uses a no-code approach to make its platform accessible. The Appcues Builder functions as a Chrome extension, allowing you to generate flows with simple clicks. With the Appcues Studio, you can access analytics, review in-app behaviors, and manage flows.

With this solution, you can also target specific user segments to personalize the experience for particular groups. Nearly any behavior or attribute is a potential source of segmentation, creating opportunities for significant journey refinement and targeting.


HelpHero is focused on creating product tours. Companies can develop interactive tours to keep engagement high while introducing various features and capabilities to accelerate adoption. It’s also a no-code solution, so a high degree of tech-savviness isn’t required to use the platform.

With HelpHero, every tool and feature is available through all of the service tiers. As a result, advanced analytics and integrations are available to every subscribing company, as you don’t have to pay more just to unlock a specific capability. There’s also a free trial available, and it doesn’t require a credit card to take advantage of it.


Jotform is a solution that makes creating forms intuitive and speedy. While it isn’t explicitly designed with customer onboarding in mind, many of its features work well for this purpose. You can create a document that gathers critical customer data, allowing you to effectively segment users. Then, you can harness the responses to auto-assign customers to specific flows, letting you take advantage of automation to send out messages at the right moment.