How Angel Flight Medical Transport Helps Patients in Need

When it comes to medical emergencies, time is of the essence. For patients who live in remote areas or require specialized medical care that isn’t available locally, getting to the hospital can be a challenge. That’s where Angel Flight Medical Transport comes in – a non-profit organization that provides free air transportation for patients in need.

What is Angel Flight Medical Transport?

Angel Flight Medical Transport is a non-profit organization that offers air transportation for patients who need to travel far for medical treatment. The organization has a network of volunteer pilots and aircraft owners who donate their time and planes to transport patients and their families.

How does Angel Flight Medical Transport work?

Patients or their families can request transportation through the Angel Flight website or by calling their toll-free number. Once the request is received, the organization reviews the patient’s medical condition and coordinates with volunteer pilots and aircraft owners to arrange transportation.

The flights are typically private, with no more than one patient on board at a time. Patients are accompanied by family members or caregivers, and flights can be scheduled for same-day service if necessary.

Who benefits from Angel Flight Medical Transport?

Angel Flight Medical Transport serves patients of all ages who need specialized medical care or treatment that isn’t available locally. This includes patients with cancer, heart disease, organ transplants, and other serious conditions.

The organization also provides transportation for military personnel and veterans who require medical treatment away from home. In addition to helping patients access necessary medical care, Angel Flight also helps alleviate financial burdens by providing free transportation services.

How can you support Angel Flight Medical Transport?

As a non-profit organization, Angel Flight relies on donations from individuals and corporations to continue providing free air transportation services. You can support their mission by making a donation through their website or volunteering as a pilot or aircraft owner.

By supporting Angel Flight Medical Transport, you can help ensure that patients in need have access to the medical care they require – no matter where they live or how far they need to travel.

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