Understanding the Selection Process at Minnesota High Performance 16U Tryouts

Minnesota High Performance 16U tryouts are an exciting opportunity for young athletes to showcase their skills and potentially earn a spot on a highly competitive team. However, it’s important to understand the selection process and what to expect during these tryouts. This article will guide you through the format of Minnesota High Performance 16U tryouts and provide valuable insights on what you can anticipate.

Registration and Check-In

The first step in the selection process is registration and check-in. Typically, players are required to pre-register online before attending the tryout. This allows organizers to plan accordingly and ensures a smooth check-in process on the day of the event. Upon arrival, participants will be asked to provide their registration details, sign any necessary waivers, and receive their tryout number or jersey.

Warm-Up and Skills Evaluation

Once all participants have checked in, the tryout will commence with a warm-up session led by experienced coaches or trainers. This warm-up is crucial to prepare athletes physically and mentally for the upcoming evaluations. It may include stretching exercises, agility drills, or light cardio activities.

Following the warm-up, players will be divided into smaller groups based on their positions or skill levels. Each group will rotate through various stations where they will showcase their individual skills such as shooting, passing, puck handling, skating speed, agility, and game awareness. Coaches will closely observe each player’s performance during these evaluations.

Small-Sided Games and Scrimmages

After the individual skills evaluation portion is complete, participants will engage in small-sided games or scrimmages. These game-like situations allow coaches to assess players’ ability to apply their skills in real-time scenarios. During these games, athletes have an opportunity to demonstrate their teamwork, decision-making abilities under pressure, positioning on both offense and defense, as well as their overall hockey IQ.

It’s crucial to give your best effort during these games, as coaches closely monitor players’ performance, attitude, and overall contribution to the team. Remember to communicate effectively with your teammates, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and showcase your versatility by adapting to different positions if required.

Final Selection and Feedback

Following the tryout process, coaches will carefully review all the evaluations and make their final selections for the Minnesota High Performance 16U team. The selected players will be notified via email or phone call within a few days after the tryouts. It’s important to note that not all participants will receive an offer to join the team due to limited spots available.

Even if you don’t make the team this time around, it’s essential to stay positive and continue working on improving your skills. Take any feedback provided by coaches seriously and use it as motivation for future tryouts or personal development. Remember that perseverance and dedication are key qualities of successful athletes.

In conclusion, understanding the selection process at Minnesota High Performance 16U tryouts is crucial for athletes aiming to earn a spot on a competitive team. By familiarizing yourself with the registration process, warm-up and skills evaluation sessions, small-sided games and scrimmages, as well as the final selection process and feedback procedures, you can better prepare yourself mentally and physically for these tryouts. Regardless of the outcome, always remember that participating in such events is an opportunity for growth and improvement in your hockey journey.

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